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Welcome to Stevie's Drams!

A unique collection of whiskies, gins, other spirits & liqueurs you won't find anywhere else! Visit our shop at Loch Lomond Shores Mall, or shop online...

Stevie's Drams Stall at Loch Lomond Shores Market

About Stevie’s Drams!

Our journey started over two years ago when Stephen Ford had a suggestion from David McCallum that the area around Loch Lomond needed a good Whisky shop to showcase the fantastic Whisky from the region.

David, having been in the Whisky Industry for some time, has a good knowledge of the area and the Industry. He has worked in production, sales and marketing with some of the regions local Whisky makers. This, combined with the passion and love of Whisky he and Stevie have it seemed like the perfect start to a dream of having a Whisky shop.

So the process began around locating premises and organising to set up a shop. Then bang, the world was hit with COVID 19, and the whole journey was washed away. Forever the optimist Stevie did not have the dream out of his head, and in Nov 2020, he saw that things were getting better and so started the process again. More months of hard work, perseverance and market stalls led us to where we are today.

Stevie’s Drams is located inside Loch Lomond Shores Mall. We focus on Local Whisky while having a good turnaround of Whisky from around the country. We also have a range of local Gins, Scottish Gins, and at times, guest spirits.

A fun shop where you are always guaranteed a dram, a good story, and a great deal of enthusiasm from two guys living the dream!

Stevie's Drams Stall at Loch Lomond Shores Market

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