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Before delving any further into our rum, let us have a look at how rum is produced and its ties with Scotland.

Essentially, the spirit is made by Hot, but still very cool. Your slice of Island life with a twist. Surprisingly sweet, unexpectedly fruity. This fruity hot pepper is native to the Caribbean and used in many recipes. For people who want more than the norm.

Turn up the heat – and the good times!distilling cane juice along with other by-products released during the processing of sugar, predominantly Molasses. There is four main procedures which are followed to achieve a rum rich in flavour!

These are mashing, fermenting, distillation and ageing. Each of these procedures must be harmonized and done to specific calculations to achieve a rum fit for the sophisticated pallet. A few more terms used during distillation is Fore Shot, Heads, Mids, Tails and also Muck and Dander.

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